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Louis CK as Abe Lincoln on SNL: “I just don’t have any…black friends”

“One thing that I’m really sure of, is that somebody’s gonna murder me. I just know I’m totally getting murdered. This is not even a question.”Louie Lincoln

Sandy’s been a bitch as far as the East coast and those states who were effected greatly by the storm go, and for live production shows such as Saturday Night Live, coming together in a time of strife is no easy feat for the creatives on board (especially when you’ve been without power).

But don’t doubt for one second everyone involved didn’t bring us a hilarious episode 3 with very special guest Louis CK, who noted that, “[e]veryone is tired. But there’s this feeling here that we’ve got to put on a great show. I’m sure it feels like that here every week. But wow. I feel really lucky to be sharing this time with these particular good folks here at SNL.”

Now, CK has made us laugh with his standup and on his FX series for years now, and in his first SNL appearance last night we got to see him as the 16th president Abraham Lincoln.

The skit started out as a bar encounter with a fellow citizen (Kenan Thompson), and then turns into a Lincoln version of CK’s Louie show intro (so yes, “Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincolnnnn” plays). And a monologue to follow.

Check out the video for the Louie Lincoln LOLs.

(source: The Wrap; photo via Slate)

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