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Hudson Valley Ballers is your new Internet go-to

“Strip clubs are like the seasons: they’re gonna happen”

Hudson Valley Ballers is the latest YouTube series that does not disappoint. And I mean, let’s be serious: this is Paula Pell we’re talking about here. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this very funny lady (also very witty on the Twitter), she’s the mastermind behind over 200 of the best SNL episodes, so it’s obvious why I’m consistently laughing at the Ballers.

Felize v. The Feminists  Hudson Valley Ballers Ep. 2 of 6    YouTube

After many years of writing jokes and living in the city, Pell and her longtime comedy friend James Anderson bring us Hudson Valley Ballers, tucked away somewhere in Hudson Valley at their little bed and breakfast (“it’s SO nice to get out of the city and just breathe!”) featuring a range of guest stars always offering funny incidents circumstantial to the particular neck of the woods.

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