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Loco for coneCHURRO at Chikalicious NYC

At some point somebody must have just been like, “well, churros and ice cream are pretty much the two greatest-tasting things in the universe, might as well combine them to make the coolest dessert food ever.” Whoever that person was, NYC thanks you. Because even in this economy foodies can splurge $10 or so for a coneCHURRO at Chikalicious in East Village, which is basically is as simple as it sounds: an ice cream cone that’s cone is made out of a churro.

Plan for a little bit of a wait when you arrive, as you might guess the cones are high in demand. Flavors change on the regular, and are served daily after 1:30PM.

Pictured: CHOCO RASPBERRY – chocolate ganache, raspberry jam filling, chocolate struessel rim, raspberry and chocolate sauce drizzle.

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