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East Berlin meets NYC at Studio Kraut Bohemian Bar and Kitchen

Are there any words more appetizing than beer and brats? What about Seared Salmon Cakes? If your mouth isn’t watering already, I promise you it will be once you’re through with this blog from last week’s visit to Studio Kraut, an Eastern Berlin-style bar and kitchen in Chelsea that specializes in bringing that unique German flare to NYC.

Even if you’re just looking for a place to simply get your “getränk” (German for “drinks” or “spirits”) on, this gem is a hot rendezvous spot frequented by artists and celebs alike for cocktails such as this “Haring and Pop” (strawberry Stoli, fresh lime juice, strawberry-balsamic puree, prosecco, and a sugary rock candy for a nostalgically fun garnish):

And this super yummy “Biten-Biten” (Bulleit Rye, vanilla infusion, fernet branca, lavender bitters, root beer):

By the time your first drink hits, trust me when I say you’ll be needing this Cast Iron Baked Brie with cinnamon spiced pecan brittle, French brie, and peppercorn crostini:

Of course, one appetizer is *never* enough, especially if you’re a well-established food blogger (I think the brie lasted all of 3 minutes between my date for the night Sexy Sammies and I), so Pretzel Sliders were a definite necessity with havarti bechamel, sliced kielbasa, shaved pickles, and that perfectly fluffy pretzel bun (as you might have guessed, the slider sammy was particularly sexy, which was no coincidence at all whatsoever):

Then came the mouth-watering Seared Salmon Cakes I was talking about, served with asparagus, tomato confit, lemon dill remoulade:

Unfortunately the experience—which was wunderbar!—had to end at some point, so what better way than a fluffy apple pastry with ice cream for dessert?


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