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THIS SH*T BLINKS: eye-inspired jewelry handmade in Brooklyn

To hear of a young 20-something making a living off solely her art is pretty freaking amazing. One of those killing the game happens to be my roommate and now friend Kt Ferris, creator and operator of Kt Ferris Creations, a handmade jewelry line based in Bushwick.


Nothing in this world compares to the level of this jewelry. From the beginning stages of hand-carving the molds all the way to the pouring of metal right in New York’s Diamond District, the inventiveness and skill put into the final product makes for a tastefully creepy yet fashionable accessory that no one has ever seen anything like before.

When she’s not posted up at Brooklyn’s Artists and Fleas on the weekend, best believe she is busy in the studio creating and thinking up the next idea for the line or booking her next cross-country venture to other popular artist / flea destinations.

Things weren’t always *so* complex; the early stages of her works show the evolution of the artist and how she stayed true to her innate eyeball vision:

After the jewelry leaves the molds and receives a post in-house buff:


If you want an accessory that’s realer than any necklace or ring you’ll ever buy *and* will leave those you encounter guessing where you could have received such an amazingly odd yet beautiful piece, head to Brooklyn Artists and Fleas Saturdays and Sundays 11am-7pm or order online at ktferriscreations.com.


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