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Go with the flow and see JUNGLE BOOK in IMAX 3D

When I started Loop it was more of a movie-based venture, but as time went on and other things came into the picture (like: work!) going to see movies at the theater 3x a week was just not an option for me anymore.

Once in a while now I do get the luxury of going and seeing a film—this time, an *IMAX* film—on a Saturday night with friends, which always for me is more of a perfect time than anything.

The Jungle Book, directed by John Favreau (known for the Iron Man series) is an imaginative remake of the 1967 cartoon musical that is also a spiritual awakening for anyone who is in need of forgetting about their worries and their strife for a minute.

The voiceover cast is as good as you might expect, with Scar Jo making a brief appearance as a poisonous snake named Kaa (for a second I was like WAIT: are we in the movie Her?), Bill Murray as a plump bear Baloo that cons kids into getting stung by bees to get him honey, CHRISTOPHER WALKEN as the King Louis of the apes (my favorite), the young cub himself Mowgli played by the talented Neel Sethi who’s always finding a way to push himself to the edge of danger in the sake of staying in the jungle, and Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha, Mowgli’s mother-figure who raised him.

Oh, and the CGI effects for this one were so good I honestly was leaving the movie asking, “where in the heck did they film that sh*t?”—well, let’s just say they never had to leave Los Angeles once for this one, thanks to technology.

If you have an afternoon or evening to fill and just want to get lost, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. In IMAX 3D. Like, why aren’t you already buying your ticket?!

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