NBA is back, and so is Kevin Love(‘s hair)

One minute last season during the NBA finals I was having so much fun watching Kevin Love finally start to get into his beast flow as a first year Cavalier, and the next thing you know Kelly Olynyk of the Boston Celtics tore out Love’s arm from his shoulder (dick!)—so: RIP K. Love’s first appearance in the finals. But tonight in Toronto we get a first-look at Love since game 4 in Boston, something I think will be a huge impact on the team overall since the preseason start where Cavs have yet to win a game.

Oh, and we also get to see that HAIR. You know, the perfect head of hair that came out of nowhere over the summer on Cavs Media Day; that same shininess will be flowing freely on the court tonight. Love’s beautiful mane of godliness is only appropriate for the guy who as you all know is quite the looker (see: his July GQ cover, and every one of his Instagram pics ever).

It’s no secret that I love Love for his sexy and stylish ways, but I also love what Love does for the Cleveland Cavaliers—which is play some incredible ball (we get this guy for FIVE YEARS; let that sink in, Cavs fans).

Tonight will be fun, even though it’s only preseason I’ll be out catchin’ the guys as they begin the 2015-2016 journey to win that ‘ship for Cleveland…

(photo via CBS Sports)

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