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Whatever King James decides to do, we will always love his shoes


When LeBron James made the decision to move on down to South Beach as a Heat player, thousands of Cleveland native hearts (self included) were broken into pieces. “How could he just leave?” we kept asking. It was madness. The Northeast Ohio city had lost its superstar who is still held near and dear, and there would be an undeniable emptiness felt every year as the team went on without James.

But as his free agency came upon us last week, the rumors are 100% afloat about where he might end up next. Whatever the case—Los Angeles, Cleveland, or even back to Miami—LeBron’s kick game will always be on point, and it can only be expected that his line keeps evolving into even more innovative designs (AND names—see: “Poppa Smurfs“).

His latest release, the Nike LeBron XIs, just so happen to sport Cavs colors. Could it be a sign? LeBron does love his shoes…


(photo via Instagram)

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