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The Funk Don’t Quit: no other movie matters until Get On Up

Something about summertime makes it SO hard to go sit at the theater, and I say that as a movie fanatic myself. But when I saw the preview for the new James Brown biopic Get On Up starring Movie 42 superstar Chad Boseman, it’s no lie I had chills down my spine. And in that moment it was clear that no other summer film mattered whatsoever until I saw this brilliant-looking film.

The King of Funk, the Craziest of Crazy, a true Sex Machine—Brown was undeniably one of the most controversial artists of his time (see: 1988 TV interview where Brown is clearly high). But through the struggle of addiction and multiple arrests, it was his music—both solo and with his band the J.B.’s—that influenced the entire world to Get Up Offa That Thing and just groove to it, totally reinventing the sound of funk music we know today.

Get On Up opens August 1st. Check it:


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