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Getting Weird at the Hole: Early Man group exhibit hovers outside of time and interpretation

“What about just getting down with artworks made by the first humans?”

Dating back to prehistoric times where art wasn’t something to be necessarily criticized so to speak, there was no intent but to purely exercise the intrinsic ‘artiste’ when these Cave Man era people created their abstract works. Nowadays, a lot of the main reason since Renaissance times was to create art for others to see, sort of sparking this question: “why?”, “why THIS painting?!”.

In response to this sort of criticism, The Hole has taken prehistoric works—real Cave Man sh*t!—as a main influence for contemporary artists who have been inventing “raw and rugged” works as of late that were less of this traditional stuff but more of an “art for art’s sake”, which makes this whole exhibit unique and exciting VS. anything you would ever see at say, The Met, or The Louvre which LET’S BE HONEST: can sometimes be boring as sh*t (I know I will regret saying this…).

This group exhibit will run through ONLY December 28th, so get on over to Bowery St. at #312 for your weird and wonderful viewing pleasure.

David Shrigley, Eat Funghi (2012)

IMG_3639 (1)

Eric Yahnker, National Geographic (2014)


Jim Drain, Big Boy (2014)


Giovanni Oarcia-Fenech, Self-Portrait (2012)


Bjarne Melgaard, Untitled (2014)


Scott Reader, Untitled (2014)

photo (1)

David Shrigley, Untitled



(all photos taken at THE HOLE by Kaitlin Duffy)


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