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Still time to see Rock of Ages: the 27th longest running show on Broadway history ends January 18th

“On the Sunset Strip, even though the dreams you leave with might not be the dreams you came in with, they can still rock.”

Who can say that they have been to a Broadway show where they’ve taken JELLO SHOTS? I mean seriously, jello shots on Broadway. If that is not enough reason to go see Rock of Ages at the Helen Hayes as it makes its last run on Broadway this week ending on Sunday the 18th, then I don’t really know what else to tell you.

This funny and tragic and so perfectly coordinated show is set in 1987 Los Angeles on the Sunset Strip where dreams can sometimes, uhh, totally fall apart in the case of hopeful small-town girl Sherrie. When she arrives and meets that boy from South Detroit, she begins to feel at home at her new gig the legendary Roxy (that the city is trying to take down!) with her hopes set high on becoming the next big thing. But after a big shot rocker kills any Hollywood hopes for Sherrie one night at his big show, she begins to fall off the deep end and winds up in some shady situations that are all too familiar for anyone who’s ever tried to become a star.

Rock of Ages is thorough and filled with laughs and familiar songs leaving you with no other choice but to sing along and go back in time to the infamous decade of big hair, bad love, and black leather spandex. “Don’t Stop Believin'” of course plays, along with several other recognizable favorites such as “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Any Way You Want it”, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”, and “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

I had so much fun watching this incredible cast’s performance in probably my favorite Broadway show to date, so I’m not saying any of this lightly: GO SEE ROCK OF AGES before it makes its final run in NYC this week! Tickets sold on Broadway.com.

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