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Togetherness will still your heart, eventually

It always goes with new shows that either our schedules are way too jam-packed to actually watch everything on TV (NOT ENOUGH HOURS!), or we simply overlook the newbies because we’re too busy worrying about our all-time favs. But believe me when I say that HBO’s new show Togetherness is good, I mean it’s like, reaaal good.

I was contemplating going to sleep after a very busy night of Looking and GIRLS that both had really solid season premieres, until I remembered a fellow TV fanatic friend emphasizing Togetherness‘ appeal. So I was already pretty much halfway in at that point, and thought I might as well dive all the way into this new one from my fav HBO network. Now, two episodes later and in much anticipation for tonight’s third, I can wholeheartedly say this one has got me real interested.

Created and produced by the indie film duo the Duplass brothers, I swear the show has this 90s feel to it; it is so authentic in this amazingly down-to-earth way. But mainly Togetherness is about life in your late thirties and dealing with all the…uhhh…joys of living in Los Angeles. You know, like traffic, guys full of shit who totally fuck you over constantly—and money. And trying to feel young while raising kids or even just trying to make it among a sea of an over-tanned and over-dressed bunch.

Each character’s unique contribution to Togetherness intertwines for a story about how things happen by chance, how love can sometimes need a bit of a revival, and how fucking important it is to laugh in every life situation—which: Amanda Peet and Steve Zisiss thankfully contribute much of the funny—again, making the show worth a watch.

Togetherness: Tease (HBO) (Screengrab)

Oh, and the first episode ends with a Fleetwood Mac song that pretty much by law requires you to fall in love with the show. Watch the full pilot here and do not miss HBO’s Togetherness Sundays at 9:30PM after GIRLS.

(photo via cdn3)

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