The real deal Italian at GIULIETTA’s NYC

When I go out for a meal of course the food is an obvious factor, but I always appreciate a great atmosphere filled with passion—you can almost feel it in the air. That being said, you should definitely head to the West Village for some Giulietta’s.

Not only will you find dishes made from scratch in-house and from some of NY’s finest local farms, but the wine selection is pretty true to Italy’s reputation of being known for their sipping (let’s just say there’s champagne bongs, aka champbongs, that will have you and your friends practically floating out of the restaurant).

For restaurant week—which is *still* going on for those who think they might have missed it—and Giulietta’s will feature a prix fixe meal for $42 including the best baba rum I’ve had in my life (yes: dessert can get you drunk).

Lucky for me I was among good company to be the first to sample the menu, also while celebrating the success of the new spot that recently opened about 4 months ago. And what happens when the group gets together for some #eeeeats? Lots of pictures of pasta and more than one bottle of champagne.

Lobster Cannoli:

A photo posted by looped (@loopedblog) on

(photo by @loopedblog)

In-house homemade pasta with the best sauce ever:

(photo by @omgitsbomb)

Fettucine Alfredo:

(photo by @mostlyfoodandme)

Tiramisu for dessert:

Baba Rhum:

Gelato Trio:

If you’re looking for the perfect ending to New York City’s beloved restaurant week, stop in GIULIETTA’s. Oh, and order the sparkling rose.

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