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How DIG INN is disrupting the food system

When I first came to NYC my experience of DIG INN was a quick stop for lunch, and I left feeling like I had a “way healthier version of Chipotle”. Since then the restaurant has expanded all over New York including the Upper East Side where I had the pleasure of experiencing their new custom farm-to-table breakfast.

Locally-sourced in New York, Dig Inn¬†receives all of their food within a 300-mile radius straight from farms like Dagelle Brothers Produce, Eden Valley Growers, R + R Produce, Muzzarelli Farms—something not most can really claim nowadays.

You will not find any high fructose corn syrup in any of the dishes; in fact, all ingredients are sustainable, non-antibiotic, and sans hydrogenated fats or artificial colors. The featured breakfast bowls flavors are based on what’s fresh and what’s in; they definitely “roll with the seasons”, so to speak.

Signature breakfast bowl with seasonal veggies, soft-boiled egg, tomato apricot relish, and superseed crunch:

Build-your-own, or choose from the curated options like this soft boiled egg with roasted carrots and creamy dill sauce:

Gluten-free quinoa waffle:

Butternut squash mac n’ cheese with whole wheat pasta, rBGH-free 3-cheese blend, sprinkled with panko bread crumbs:

Breakfast sandwich:

Matcha tea latte:

One of the best avocado toasts you’ll ever experience:

For now, Dig Inn is offering the breakfast options at certain spots, but don’t be surprised to see more of these stores blowing up with full-blown morning munchie options sourced right in New York.

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