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Make SUGAR SKETCH your Valentine this year

If you could find the perfect balance between the super sweet and salty savory—both that you love so dearly—it would be in the tasty pastries and bakery at SUGAR SKETCH in NYC.

And if you know anything about Italian delicacies, you’d know their makers were born passionate people as-is; so when you combine their passion with the art of being un pasticcere, what else do you expect but amazingly delicious desserts?

Walking into Sugar Sketch you’re already stunned at the cake stylings on display by Chef Martina Nardo; in the pastry case there is a palate of colors and goodies including cupcakes with filling, muffins filled with cream, mini pizzas, and the now officially legendary status TRUFFLE CHEESE CLOUDS (yes: you heard that correctly, a CHEESE *CLOUD* with TRUFFLE FLAVOR).

Spongey, cheesy, truffle flavor:

The number one thing that makes Sugar Sketch stand out is the unique recipes that do not have that typical *too* sugary taste; there is a perfect balance of sweet and salty that actually will not make you feel *that* guilty when all is said and done.

Birthday Cake cupcake:

That creamy inside (like, truly the best):

Chocolate Splash:

The proof is in the pudding:

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Right in East Village pop in this Valentine’s Day and treat yoself, because who needs a valentine anyway when there’s delicious cheese clouds and cupcakes?


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