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The Art of Maria DiFranco: now available through Providence’s ‘Buy Art’ program

Seeing an artist’s work evolve through time is always an amazing, one-of-a-kind phenomenon, as each creator is quite obviously different and undergoes many life-altering experiences. And in the case of Maria DiFranco’s works, the young 24 year-old artist from Cleveland is definitely one to admire.

I’m lucky to have known DiFranco since her earlier days, working extensively on projects in our high school’s art room more often than not, then later moving on to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. And fast forward to 2012—nearly 2013—and you can bet she has still been busy painting, drawing, and charcoaling away, looking at her extensively varietal portfolio that really I just want to devote an entire room to (my favorite: the one shown above that also won 2nd place at the Annual Fidelity Investments Juired Exhibition.)

DiFranco says most of her stuff, “reference[s] [her] research of present day culture, and exploration of history[,] [and are] symbolized by historical iconography.”

Her works are now featured on Rhode Island’s “Buy Art,” a hub for local artists to sell their masterpieces, so get to it!

(source: I Buy Art & Mara DiFranco)

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