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The De Niro/Jay-Z Beef will tear this country apart

Uh oh. This one’s gonna hurt, America.

Robert De Niro, one of the best living actors, Ben Stiller-tormenter and just all-around badass is reportedly very upset with another one of American pop culture’s finest: Jay-Z. According to NYPost spies (whatever the fuck that means) , the Goodfellas star tore into the Brooklyn rapper-turned-mogul for “not returning his calls.” This occurred at Leonardo Dicaprio’s birthday party of all places. Is nowhere sacred anymore?!?!?

Apparently the nature of De Niro’s six phone calls were to get Jay-Z to record a song for the Tribeca film festival but Jay never got back to him. But we like to think at least one of those phone calls was spent on unrelated matters. “Hello, Mr. Z? Bob here. What does J to the Izzo mean? And why is Kris Humphries still playing 25 minutes a night after what he did to Kim? Gotta go, Scorsesse’s on the other line.”

Beyonce even tried to intervene but Booby D was unmoved. You know a feud is real when even the warm radiant smile of Beyonce can’t put a stop to it. Looks like we’ve got to ready ourselves for a 3-4 year conflict until De Niro signs with Def Jam and they’re forced to end it.

(via Prefixmag)

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