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Beer Belly’s Pizza Mac and Cheese: the best not really pizza pizza ever

Pizza: the magical, circular—if you’re lucky: deep dish, rich, and pie-like joy that will probably be a part of my life until the end of my days. And how can ya not? Devour a whole pizza to yourself, I mean. It’s really very easy, as one piece ends in an empty box of, well, let’s face it: shameful regret. But a fulfilling regret that’s bound to last for years to come, because the taste of the cheesy concoction is too good to not eat up.

And in a new twist on the lovable food that has been done pretty much every way possible: pizza bagels, pizza subs, pizza PEOPLE (they have been known to transform after prolonged periods of pizza eating and couch potatoing), pizza soup, pizza etc., please make room for Beer Belly‘s newly added menu item pizza mac and cheese. Yes, you heard that correctly. Pizza mac and cheese.

Beer Belly Pizza Mac and Cheese

As you can see above, the pizza mac and cheese is a magical cup of a pizza-y, gooey, perfectly seasoned mixture of the typical pizza tastes you love—with some mac and cheese noodles that really just make the perfect combo that I could survive off of forever.

Right in Koreatown you’ll find the bar/restaurant tucked away off Western and Wilshire; you really cant miss it as the whole building is covered in colorful graffiti and at night their sign is bright enough to see from the road.

If you’re in the LA area and are craving this mouth watering pizza mac and cheese that will have me craving the stuff until the next time I’m oh so lucky, it’s not too hard to get to and there’s also a slue of craft beers on tap to choose from to go along with your feast.

Happy hour starts at 5. See you there.

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