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Stanley Kubrick’s genius on display at LACMA thru June 13th

Stanley Kubrick’s legacy is very alive and well as millions of us still celebrate his many works and ponder the genius of all the filmmaker and photographer has completed over the years; his visionary has inspired a whole generation through films like 2001: A Space OdysseyLolita, and The Shining—making it nearly impossible to try and narrow down one favorite. And I am happy to report that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has announced a very special Kubrick exhibit until June 13 of this year, including a multitude of his works including anything from his first ever photograph displayed in Look Magazine, uncompleted works such as  Napoleon and The Aryan Papers, among many other various props that have appeared throughout his works.

You can grab tickets online at the LACMA website; they’re 20 bucks for non-members, but if you roll with a group of homies there’s a $5 discount. Neat!

(via Leveled Magazine

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