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The Obama bobble head that was launched into the stratosphere

Personally I think bobble heads are terrifying (I had a couple of weird experiences with roommates who had a few). Just the way they, um, stare back at you and their heads are all boppin’ around everywhere—it’s all very real and scary. But they’re also sort of funny and people for whatever reason have an obsession with the things. So much so they’re launchin’ ’em into space. For instance: Earth to Sky Calculus, a group of middle- and high-schoolers from Bishop, California, thought it’d be funny to launch bobble heads of the two presidential candidates the day before the election.

The Sky Calculus group wrote on Facebook this past Monday that they, “[e]stimate that the balloon reached 120,000 [feet], [and] [i]t was a crystal clear, gorgeous fall day in the western United States!”

As you can see above, the Prez’s bobble head looks pretty surreal floating above the Earth in space, and the fact this kinda stuff is even plausible strikes me as incredible. So just know, that somewhere out there Obama’s bobble head is roaming around the stratosphere, bobbling down at us all.

(via Space.com)

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