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Fashions we love: LA-based Lauren Stucky’s 2012 fall collection

“The interesting thing is, how through texture, silhouette, color, the list goes on… you can create an attitude, and when you pair that attitude with confidence it becomes a form of expression to embody your individual style”Lauren Stucky 

I’m not kidding when I say I want everything from Lauren Stucky’s Fall 2012 Collection, but most importantly: the Triangle Bustier Babydoll (shown above), because well, it’s pretty much everything I’ve ever wanted out of a black dress.

Somehow through the ties of the Interweb I came across the Portland, Oregon-born fashion designer and mastermind Lauren Stucky. And after following for a while now on Instagram and seeing her latest work, I’ve come to love pretty much everything she designs.

In this year’s collection you’ll find threads of black laces, sheer, leather, zippers—with pops of neons, pastels, and whites to coordinate with an array of styles. Surprise materials like fox and leopard fur appear, meaning there really is something for everyone somewhere throughout all the pieces.

After graduating from fashion design school at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising here in Los Angeles, Stucky’s line debuted less than one year later in Spring of 2011. Since then she’s taken us all by storm, designing for people like Nicki Minaj, appearing in renowned fashion magazines, and being featured at exclusive sample sales at boutiques like LA’s own Stylehaüs.

Everything about her Euro-influenced fall line has me envisioning endless outfit combos with all of these simple yet boldly glamorous pieces—it’s sort of overwhelming—but if you’re looking for some newly refined fall getup with an edge you just can’t find anywhere else, it’s probably going to be from Lauren Stucky.

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