On one girl’s #lighthouseobsession

I guess you could say I have traveled a considerable amount being only 26 years-old, and throughout my ventures I have always had this “thing” for lighthouses, photographing them since about three or four years ago beginning with the Lorain West Breakwater Light when I was living in Cleveland. Now, it has turned into somewhat of a #lighthouseobsession.

One of the more fascinating things about the whole idea of #lighthouseobsession is that anywhere along the coastline or considerable body of water there is bound to be one somewhere, making my travels almost incomplete without capturing the world’s lighthouses one small town at a time.

So, it might take me until I die to see the world’s lighthouses (let’s be real: I probably never will see them all), but for now I am going to sure as hell do the best I can (there are over 13,000 on the planet!).

Lorain West Breakwater Light: Lorain, OH est. 1917

Cape May Lighthouse: Cape May, NJ est. 1859


Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse: Bass Harbor, ME est. 1858


Los Morillos Lighthouse: Cabo Rojo, PR est. 1882


Jeffrey Hook’s Lighthouse: New York, NY est. 1889


Highland Lighthouse: Cape Cod, MA est. 1797


Cape Elizabeth Light aka Two Lights Lighthouse: Cape Elizabeth, ME est. 1828


Montauk Point Lighthouse: Montauk, NY est. 1796


Cleveland Harbor Main Entrance Lighthouse: Cleveland, OH est. 1873


Punta Tuna Light: Manaubo, PR est. 1830


Marshall Point Lighthouse: Port Clyde, ME est. 1832


Portland Head Light: Cape Elizabeth, ME est. 1791


Hudson-Athens Lighthouse: Hudson, NY est. 1874


Stratford Point Lighthouse: Stratford, CT est. 1873


Ram Island Ledge Light: Casco Bay, ME est. 1905


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