We will always be #KickGameCray

It’s not often one gets signed a lifetime deal with Nike, in fact, it has never actually happened. But often with LeBron James things don’t always go so ordinarily, and now the Cavs team leader has released yet another line of kicks that have us like—really? REALLY LeBron? *DROOL*

This particular style is part of the Lebron 13 series, called the “AKRONITE PHILOSOPHY“—with colors and patterns representing every step to LeBron James’ greatness.

Throughout the way of James’ shoe design journey we’ve always been a fan (YES, even when he was still playing for Miami).

As always, it must be nice being King. Check out the official Nike LeBron James online release site to keep track of all his new kicks, and be sure to hashtag yours with #KickGameCray.


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