The Dim Sum experience

“Soon as they start talkin’ crazy that’s when I know that they want [Dim] sum more” – Nicki Minaj, “Throw [Dim] Sum More”

Whenever I think I know a lot about food, I run into some sort of crazy dining experience that leaves me all like, “HOLY EFFING SHIT, best meal EVER!”

And that’s pretty much what happened with baby’s first Dim sum experience at Li Wah in Cleveland. One of my favorite food connoisseurs Jared (I jokingly call him Loop’s Creative Food Director since he’s always suggesting different spots) made the plans; it was my last day in Cleveland before heading back to NYC, and he had warned me about “The Last Supper” (our last meal together), mentioning we were getting “Dim sum”.

I honestly thought “Dim sum” was the name of the restaurant we were going to, but when I got there I realized what was about to happen: the greatest Chinese food hot n’ ready in a rolling cart was about to enter my mouth at alarming rates.

Our table went from 0 to 100 real quick, with having absolutely nothing in starvation mode staring at our knife and forks to a table filled with tea and dumplings ready to chomp. It was overwhelming, really.


As you can see by this up-close of a Li Wah dumpling it is a very glorious thing:


And the Chinese Broccoli that was secretly the best part:


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