#GreeksDoitBetter in Bay Ridge at Somethingreek

Besides the fact Bay Ridge is probably Brooklyn’s best day trip if you’re looking to explore a different neighborhood one day, Somethingreek gives you more of a reason to visit this local hot spot that includes family recipes passed down to the chef / owner.

Menu items range anywhere from grandma’s pastitsio to seasoned potatoes done the Greek way. Please arrive hungry and expect to be greeted with an authentic Mediterranean beer selection including the Red Donkey right from Santorni, to wash it all down.

There’s nothing but love at Somethingreek. For now the only location is in Bay Ridge, but I’m *PRAYING* that a second location opens up somewhere in the city (like, preferably right next to my apartment please). 

And if you do decide to Instagram the pastisio, it may or may not end up going viral. The famous dish (like, so famous it deserves its own Hollywood star), is a richer—more “Greek” so to speak—take on the traditionally thought-of lasagna:

Greek meatballs, aka Keftedakia:

Fried calamari:

Seasoned Greek lemon potatoes:

Hummus and tzatziki:

Horiatiki Salad with romaine lettuce, cucumber, red onion, stuffed grape leaves, feta, and kalamata olives:

Greek fries with crumbled feta and oregano:

Loukoumades, better known as Greek donuts with cinnamon sugar and spiced honey syrup:

Oh and let’s not forget the plethora of souvlaki options available: 

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