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Hangout in your “cool Uncle’s basement” circa 1967 at Jack and Fanny’s NYC

It’s hard for anyone to really grasp that feeling of going back in time. You cannot quite put your finger on it, but certain places bring you to a year you may have never even experienced , but perhaps you did in another lifetime, which brings back a nostalgic feeling. 

And that’s exactly what happens when you go to Jack and Fanny’s in the Upper East Side. The vibes are somewhat Brady Bunch-esque as you walk in and see the wooden walls with records hanging. There are no TVs which makes it a unique spot to have legit conversation without 5,000 different things happening. The cocktail menu will have you entertained with their broad selection including my favorite, the Purple Negroni (pictured with the “Paper Plane” cocktail: bourbon, a bunch of amaros, aperol, lemon).

Oh, and there’s bocce; expect to also be enthralled in that while you probably start getting the munchies. Might I add their burrata is one to try (it made my top NYC burratas list), along with their burger done just right (photo via @mslindsays)

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