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Family Style at Tony’s Di Napoli

For anyone who knows someone who has grown up in an Italian household, you know that food is family; eating together is what brings everyone together, and that could not be more true at Tony’s Di Napoli (translates literally to “Tony’s Naples”).

There is a very justified reason for the restaurant’s near 5 star review across all the platforms—when you’re there everyone is treated like you’re one of them.

Oh, and the food is served in extra large portions for sharing with loved ones and it is exceptionally delicious, satisfying all cravings one might have for a classic Italian dinner in New York.

Tortellini, ravioli, lasagna, burrata, fuggedaboutit—you can have it all at Tony’s (WARNING: expect LOTS of cheesiness and over-the-top sauciness).

Redefining what it means to get sauced, Tony’s Di Napoli is a classic Italian experience that everyone should have once in their lifetime. On the weekends expect bumper-to-bumper traffic filled with tourists and natives alike looking to get their pasta on before or after a Broadway show or date night; you might have to sit at the bar and enjoy one of the many delicious cocktails while you wait (there’s also an Upper East Side location). 

Also, you can have your own cheese pulling contest right at the table with their more-than-generously-cheesy chicken parmesan:

Classic #burratagram for your entertainment:

Don’t forget to order the giant layered strawberry shortcake for dessert, because it is one for the ages:

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