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Russian comfort food in NYC’s most unheard of neighborhood Manhattan Beach

I love getting the opportunity to constantly extend my palate while not only traveling around the world but also discoveries within my own borough; Brooklyn never seizes to amaze me when it comes to its ever-changing and infinite options of cuisine.

In Manhattan Beach, where real estate is anything but cheap, you will find a trend of restaurants serving Eastern European fare. At Hot Potato House you can enjoy the unique style of comfort food, Russian-style, with their menu including a new-to-me assorted Salo (fatback, pictured in the main photo and below), curried lamb inside of an edible pumpkin (yes, you read that right), and lots of pierogi and appetizers to choose from.

Sushi grade tuna tartar, with cream cheese and red caviar:

Timberland Salad, with mix greens, grilled Portabella mushroom, deep fried leek, cowberry, burrata cheese, port wine dressing:

Lamb Stew Continental, melted cheese on top, served in an edible pumpkin bowl as a side dish:

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Lamb Stew Continental on the inside:

Tart Tatten, caramelized apple tart with ice-cream”

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