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Cookie dough confections at Cookie DO NYC

If you grew up in a household anything like mine, chocolate chip cookies were a definite “thing” and sneaking to get a giant spoonful of that homemade dough was a popular kitchen move for us kids. But it’s been years since I’ve had that nostalgic cookie dough taste, and when I read about how there was an edible cookie dough “startup” in New York I immediately started drooling.

Cookie DO NYC has more than just your average edible cookie dough—there’s a plethora of flavors including Cake Batter, Signature Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Dream, Oatmeal M&M, Nuts for Nuts, Gimme S’more, Salty & Sweet, Confetti. They also do private catering with custom tasting jars, cookie dough shots, and cookie dough cups for birthdays or other corporate events.

Look out for this clever cookie dough concept shop in the Lower East Side where they will be opening their brick and mortar store coming soon.


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