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New spring cocktails at the Late Late #LESLocal

Maybe it’s the Irish in me, but there’s something about a truly authentic pub that’s ambiance will make you feel like you’re transplanted anywhere but the Lower East Side, where this gem of a place is located at 159 Houston Street.

The Late Late pub, named after an Irish chat TV series in the 60s, is a place you want to be as the sun sets into the night; after one mouth-watering cocktail you’ll slowly forget anything bad that has happened on that particular day, mostly because you’ll be so busy experiencing the many unique flavors of their new spring cocktail menu.

Flavors include sweet pineapple in this Far East Side cocktail that has a traditional Chinese spirit Baijiu (with pineapple, mint, Demerara, and ginger) only at very few select bars in the city since its new market release in the United States.


The favorite of the bunch had to have been this “Picnic With the Kennedys”: Avion Silver, Demerara, smoked tea, raspberries, lime, balsamic dribble, salt and pepper. At first you’d swear you were drinking Scotch with this cocktail’s bold smoky tastes, YUM!

Oh, and cannot forget about the Late Late Gin Fizz: Beefeater Gin, Rose / Lavender Soda, Egg White, Rosebuds.


The Late Late is the perfect spot for happy hour or date night, and definitely a must-try for any craft cocktail enthusiast.


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