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NYC’s first shop specializing in Hong Kong style waffle cones

There’s waffle cones, and then there’s Hong Kong style waffle cones, which means that you’re not going to necessarily get that familiar crunch you’re used to. No, these amazing “real” waffle cones from NYC’s first shop Eggloo, specializing in the Chinese cones located in none other than the heart of NYC’s Chinatown.


You would never be able to tell from the outside, but these colorful “cones” are served on the second floor of an almost camouflaged brick and mortar you have to sort of seek out (but likely there will be small crowds outside, as it gets pretty packed especially if you come on the weekend).

Basically if you want a rare NYC food experience (and a sick Instafood pic), scoot your boot on over to EGGLOO to see what everyone’s been talking about.

BONUS: unlimited toppings!


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