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Drinks and farm-to-table bites at Colicchio and Sons in Meatpacking

The Westside in NYC has this charm to it that feels much at best during the spring and summertime. So as 10th and 11th Avenue continue to grow expediently, expect to see more spots like *the* Meatpacking go-to for drinks: Colicchio and Sons, where I was oh so lucky to tag along with my friends at Thirsty NYC for an afternoon of tasting.

Walking in the openness of the glass walls and reflective bar not only make for the perfect photo lighting and awesome sunset dining, but gives you a perfectly fancy yet unpretentious feel.

The drinks are inventive, featuring house favorites like the “Linares Especial” with Greenhook Old Tom gin, tangerine, jalepeno, lemon, and dandelion bitters:

Another winner from the bunch was Colicchio and Son’s tiki “Punch Drunk”: house spiced rum, falernum, raspberry, and tiki bitters:


 The restaurant, part of a larger group CRAFT known for Craftbar and Craftsteak among others, is part of the farm-to-table movement serving all appetizer-portioned dishes mostly coming from chef Tom Colicchio’s family farmers he’s worked with for over a decade.

If you’re strolling through Meatpacking stop in and pair some cocktails with all the eats like this Roasted Cauliflower with Caper Ricotta & Pine Nuts dish:



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