Cheeseboat BK

It’s hard to react normally when someone invites you to a place called CHEESEBOAT; what in the world could such a compound word entail? Cheese on a boat? A boat full of cheese? A delivery service where boats deliver cheese to you personally? What. The. Heck is a cheeseboat?

Well thanks to my fellow foodie aficionado and foodporn snap specialist omgitsbomb I was invited to enter this new world at Brooklyn’s latest cheese lover’s go-to in Williamsburg with some fellow foodies that made for a fun night I’ll never forget.

Before I get into the mouth-watering gallery that will make vegans wish they weren’t vegans anymore, let’s get into where this godly cheese dish came from: GEORGIA (like, the country not the state, for all you slackers out there). Traditionally it is considered a “pie” and is better known as Khachapuri. It’s like the pizza of Georgia according to Wikipedia, and there are several types within the different regions of Georgia.

Oh, and like most things in life, it just so happens Georgian food and cheeseboats go great with wine:

A little trio of vegetarian dip with eggplant paste, spinach and fresh herb pesto, and char-grilled onion hummus:

Soko Ketze aka mozzarella-filled button mushrooms as a little teaser for all of the cheese that was actually about to go down:

Here is an ariel view of the bacon cheeseboat, veggie trio dip, cheeseboat

Up-close of the soup dumplings better known as Khinkali, with beef and pork seasoned with Georgian spices, herbs, salt, and fresh pepper:

Shkmeruli Chicken Cheeseboat with grilled chicken and garlic sauce:


As you could have guessed, the whole entire meal was absolutely incredible. With the right amount of wine your stomach will decide it is in fact possible to consume all of the bread and cheese guilt-free; you will literally float out of the restaurant as if you were riding your own cheeseboat into the sunset.

(photos by me)

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