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Stadium eats: elotes, slushies, and steak frites at Citi Field

Now, don’t get it f*cked up, I am a die-hard Indians fan all the way. I love all things Cleveland sports, and I could never truly be a full-on NY Mets fan. But I cannot deny how fun it is going to Citi Field for a bite (or six) and a beer (or five hundred), because if you know anything about Major League Baseball, it’s that over the past couple of years going to a baseball game has also been associated with indulging in some quality eats that have baseball stadiums all over the nation trying to compete.

Now, heading to Queens is an event of its own, riding the 7 with fellow Mets fans in full-on gear with eager hopes to make up for last year’s World Series loss to Kansas City that I actually think they’ve almost completely gotten over—either way, the fans always show a great amount of enthusiasm compared to COUGH COUGH New York Yankees fans (sorry, as I always say: NEVER trust a guy in a Yankees cap).

The best part for a non-Mets fan is to arrive at Citi Field is just knowing there are unlimited food options at the tip of your fingers, including award-winning chef Pat La Frieda’s steak frites (section 139) that are worth every hard-earned dollar you will spend (TRUST!):


In section 139 the food is plentiful, with many options including these BOMB elotes (I’ve been obsessed lately):


Slushies, of course, because what else are you going to do to try and pretend like it’s still summer?


If you’re lucky enough, you’ll arrive just in time for a classic and vibrant Queens sunset:


And if you’re REALLY lucky, the Mets might bring home a W.

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