The OSAMIL experience

The Osamil experience for Joanna Lin (aka Ready Set Jo)’s new foodie show filming was one of the most unique Korean dining moments I’ve had thus far in NYC; I got a taste of some real authentic dishes each with their own style and twist, including a super badass chef’s cut prime beef tartar with Korean pear, gochujang remoulade, and a freaking QUAIL EGG (that goodness you see in the main photo).

FYI: the only way to start a foodie gathering? Snacks! Lots of snacks! We were gifted with these potato butter Yukon Gold chips with Scottish salmon jelly and honey butter gastrique to get the night going:

As with most things, drinks were had by all. The Signature Osamil Peartini cocktail with Absolut pear, pineapple, and fresh lemon:


Mixed, shaken, and poured to perfection, of course:


Sometimes getting that perfect shot requires you to go out in the streets of NYC (the light is just better, trust me); here’s @nycfoodfomo doing some major work:


A proper night cap indeed, crispy and juicy pork shank with perilla apple salad, spicy radish kimchi:


 Live action #yolkporn from my first quail egg experience that was definitely one for the books:

Very important documentation of the seafood platter:

With quite the beer list to choose from, Osamil has tons of craft brew lovers’ favorites including drafts from Brooklyn Brewery, and Fat Tire for some nice pairing:


Pano view of the bar area:


As you could have guessed, Joanna’s event was as bomb-tasting as it looks. If you’re near Penn Station or Midtown and are looking for outstanding Korean food with happy hour specials definitely check out OSAMIL – and make sure you get that quail egg tartar!

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