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Beer n’ balls: but it’s not what you think

Uhh… before you start reading, I’m gonna attach a little forewarning onto this one: it’s about beer. With bull testicles in it. So if that sorda thing makes you cringe, I’d suggest you click that little X in the corner and get out of here while you still can.

What started initially an April Fool’s Day joke, some employees over at the Wynkoop Brewery in Denver have created a pretty ballsy beer, in that there is actual balls inside of it. Now you’re probably thinking: gross. Balls with beer. Beer-y balls. But surprisingly the Rocky Mountain Oyster brew, “is a luscious, creamy stout that delivers loads of flavor — everything from roasted barley and coffee, to chocolate and nuts” (pun very much intended.)

As a joke the guys made a fake video about the beer, inspired by one of the most popular dishes in the city: fried beer testicles. But after contemplating the actuality of it all, they figured: why not actually make some beer with balls in it? And so became the Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. The beer is 7% ABV and has 3 BPBs (balls per barrel!).

On October 8 they will crack open the first keg at the brewery, but if you miss out it will also be featured in this year’s Great American Beer Festival next weekend.

My guess is, that when the stout finally touches your lips, “Chef” from South Park, aka Isaac Newton’s “Chocolate Salty Balls” starts playing, and well, stuff gets real weird. And you’ll be givin’ that spoon a lick.

(via Kegworks via Wynkoop)

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