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All of our favorite foods and beverages could become obsolete if we don’t get our shit together

I’m not sure what’s worse: never being able to eat bacon again, or global warming (probably the latter on a retrospective level, but you know, bacon’s reallly good.) But after reading a devastating statistic released by the U.K.’s National Pig Association about how global warming is effecting our pork sources, it could be that bacon won’t be on the shelves of stores much longer if this temp risin’ keeps on happening.

That means no more wakey wakey eggs and bakey, just wakey wakey eggs. And we don’t even know if eggs could potentially become a shortage issue too, so we’re pretty sure people should start investing in chickens and pigs instead of Apple stocks if you plan on eatin’ in the next couple of decades.

There are other precious natural resources that are in jeopardization as well, such as maple syrup, strawberries, chocolate, salmon, among many others named in The Daily Beast‘s list of endangered foods.

Oh, and COFFEE is another one listed on there. Great. I can just imagine a world in which we were all permanently de-caffeinated; I’m sure everyone would love going to work every morning without their much-needed cup of jo.

The whole thing sounds like a total nightmare, and just envisioning a world without chocolate alone is all sorts of terrible. But at the rate we keep emitting and how evidently temperatures keep on going up, I’m not sure if there’s really anything we can do.

Can you picture a world like that in Richaed Fleischer’s 1973 sci-fi classic Soylent Green?

(via The Daily Beast)

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