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The government is subtly trying to rule all the vajayjays

We’re living in a time where elected officials of the United States of America are claiming women are able to prevent their own pregnancies telepathically, and the fact a lot of these (well, most of these) officials are men (that probably have no idea about how the female reproductive system actually works) who are also trying to pass all kinds of fucked up laws regulating women’s bodies doesn’t make any of this more comforting. In fact, it’s all rather frightening.

But in a great attempt to raise awareness on these inhuman sexual laws, such as “the right to shove a probe in a woman’s vagina against her will because the government has elected shitwits who think women are such irrational idiots that the government knows best about what is right for them, their bodies and their futures,” co-creator of The Daily Show and author of Lizz Free Or Die Lizz Winstead has launched Lady Parts Justice. The campaign’s video is a pretty hilarious take on the War on Women, which, if you hadn’t noticed is a very real thing.

What’s really messed up too, is that if we don’t take action now, a lot of these laws will become a real thing. That’s right. Raped? Too bad. The government says you gotta keep that baby, because well, IT’S THE LAW.

Join Lizz Winstead in the fight against the War on Women by donating to help the cause and registering to vote so we can surely see these laws never come into effect.

(via boing boing)

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