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A few quick things about the 2014 Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame inductees

The funny thing about the Cleveland Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame induction is that it’s not actually held at the Cleveland Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. It’s going to be held at the brand new Barclay Center in Brooklyn this coming April, because who the hell wants to go to Cleveland? But whatever the case (and how much everyone secretly hates Cleveland), this year’s Hall of Fame inductees are pretty impressive and long overdue (like hello: Hall & Oates? About fricken time!). However, artists aren’t eligible until 25 years after the release of their first record.

2014’s Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame musicians and producers will be inducted this April at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn and it will air on HBO.

Peter Gabriel


C’mon, this is the guy who sang “YOUR EYES” for crying out loud (you know, that one that goes, “your eyes, your eyes…IN YOUR EYES“). And that other one that everyone likes (kidding). And even though he was already inducted via Genesis in 2009, Gabriel’s solo entrance is almost a necessity.

Hall & Oates


Say it isn’t so! This induction seems like, wayyyy too late, and it’s no secret that Daryl Hall and John Oates are one of the most legendary rock duos to ever jam this planet.



Quick question: will there be a separate induction for Gene Simmon’s tongue? KISS, is gonna rock n’ roll all night, at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame! It has also been noted there could be a possible reunion tour after the band heard the news today…



What teenager didn’t secretly smoke weed in their bedroom by themselves while listening to the Nevermind album hating life? The birth-of-an-era grunge rock style of the Nirvana trio (officially) makes way into the legendary rock world, and I think Kurt would be glad that they did (or he’d think it was totally stupid, whatever).

Linda Ronstadt


She was in a band called The Stone Ponies in 1967. She’s the first female singer to release an alt-country album. She performed with Zappa. And pretty crazy how earlier this year Ronstant announced she would no longer be making music due to her complications with Parkinson’s disease, so the news this legendary lady performer would be inducted has to add to the musical memoir.

Cat Stevens


He’s sold 40 million albums. His real name is actually Yusuf Islam (and he was born Steven Demetre Georgiou). And even though he kinda disappeared for a while and requested that record companies no longer distribute his music, we’d like to think Cat Stevens (probably still wearing that awesome jean jacket) very much appreciates it.

Brian Epstein


If you saw Good Ol’ Freda earlier this year you’d know all about the other “5th Beatle”, the Beatles’ longtime manager and good friend who was with the guys for the better part of their 10 year-long ride.

Andrew Loog Oldham


What’s a Beatles manager induction without a Rolling Stones producer induction? Oldham, described as the ultimate hustler, was referred by a journalist to “check out the R&B band” after spending summers in France and the coffee shop scene. It wasn’t too long after he took over management duties and helped propell the group.

The E Street Band


Like you know, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. You can’t pretend to hate on these guys because the E Street Band is probably among the best bands to ever perform live (and nobody talks sh*t about Bruce Springsteen!). Members have changed throughout the years and after their Born in the USA tour the band has since split up.

(main photo via Wikipedia; musician photos all via last.fm)

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