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There is no reason why you shouldn’t be Getting On

In my short time on this planet I have seen a lot of different hospital shows and I love most of them for their uniqueness despite given only the four walls of these institutions to work with (the medical field is always fun and surprising).

But there’s something about Getting On that really shines in the way we’re constantly laughing yet getting our hearts broken every time one of those damn body boxes rolls in the scene (or every time Varla has a fall, OR when Dawn talks about giving BJs to Nurse De La Serda)—every character playing their part so on point it is like we too are on the floor of some run-down geriatric unit dealing with the never-ending chaos.

And it’s the ladies who make up this show that make Getting On so outstanding (see Alex Borstein and Niecy Nash showing us the joys of language barriers) that really have me totally hooked, and after finishing season 1 in full I can promise there is no reason why you shouldn’t be Getting On.

Episode 4 “Dumped” airs tonight at 10PM on HBO, guest starring Molly Shannon (the floor gets a fountain!).

(photo via HBO)

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