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You’re all that and dim sum: dumplings galore at CARMA EAST

You know what they say: it’s good karma to eat a whole buncha dim sim—OK well not *really*, but you’ll get all the positive juju you need at downtown’s newest dim sum spot CARMA EAST.

There is everything from soup dumplings to yummy fruit cocktails, making for the perfect tapas date night or local lunch spot for your fav Asian food ever (you know it’s true!).

The menu is so big you’ll leave the place practically filled with dim sum–which: not a bad thing. And it’s not just dim sum you’ll be munching on; there are many vegetarian and special dishes to go with your dumps.

Wasum salad with celery and lotus root:


Chinese broccoli with Chinese Yam and black mushrooms:

Sauteed mixed mushrooms:


Peking duck tacos with hoison BBQ, avocado, and crispy shallots:


Crispy bite-sized puff with red bean:


Even *more* dumpling choices off the varietal and colorful menu:





CARMA EAST is a modern collaborative take on one of the most popular dishes in NYC. With its stand-out atmosphere and colorful tastes, you’ll soon be a new regular at the best new Asian restaurant in East Village NYC.

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