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The best homemade sauce and endless waaangs at International Wings Factory

“Life is short, stay calm and eat chicken wings”

I can always say I am down for some “as seen in the New York Times”-type chicken wings, especially when they are from a quirky hole in the wall with the best sauce selection I have experienced in my entire life.

Now, I want my wings to have superbness in every bite; I want them to be something you see in a freaking SuperBowl commercial. And I don’t want to waste anyone’s time here. I would never tell somebody to do something I personally didn’t think was great.

So going to the tip of the Upper East Side at 92nd St. to try wings from the International Wing Factory is totally worth the train ride, two avenue trek just to get your hands on these babies.

There’s something special because there is not *just* the wings: it’s the burger, the fried brownies for dessert, and the pleasure in knowing that you contributed to small business–something I think is so important to do, especially in a town like NYC.

So I’ll let these pictures speak for themselves and let you decide whether or not you should get yourself on over and up to IWF.

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