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You need this Avocado Waffle from Atwood

I like my brunch like I like most things: with a sh*t ton of avocado. But trust me I won’t complain if there are also waffles involved. 

When I was told there would be some sort of “secret” off-menu avocado waffle at Atwood Kitchen and Bar Room in Midtown East, you bet I was on the early morning Saturday train from Brooklyn en route to try some of this good-good.

And I wasn’t kidding about the avocado thing, either. To pre-game for the avocado waffle, I had some avocado toast and a Fully Loaded Bloody Mary—which basically counts as an entire meal—to start things off.


Up close and personal with the #yolkporn:

Does brunch even exist without mimosas?

Once a couple drinks settled in, I shared an impressive meal consisting of nothing but pure love and NYC brunch bliss. For instance this burata cheese salad that’s basically a whole masterpiece:

When debating if you should add an additional award-winning mac and cheese to your platter, the answer is always yes:

Pt. II avocado toast which you *need* to try; this thing will change your life:

Bird’s eye brunch view:

Even if you don’t live in the neighborhood Atwood Kitchen and Bar Room is the perfect rendezvous spot in the city for a date or group hang. The service was nothing short of amazing, and trust me when I say the food was pretty incredible too.

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