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Cheese is serious business at Raclette NYC

Fellow cheese lovers tend to find their way to each other. I know this because I lived with 5 of them in college who after all these years (OK, it’s been like 6 years), we still keep in contact through the glories of the Internet.

One of my most devoted cheeseheads and longest friends Andrea, whom I lived with in that very same cheesey household, suggested I visit Raclette NYC where cheese is certainly no joke.

I watched the video she shared on my FB of their tableside cheese melting over and over again, and it blew my freaking mind; I knew I had to capture this cheese spectacle for myself, and of course, for the blog above all.

So here it is, my Raclette tableside cheese melt /pull over roasted potatoes cornichons and arugula salad that might be the greatest 7 seconds to ever go down in my life (top 5, at least):

A video posted by Kaitlin Duffy (@kaitlinduffy) on

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