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You don’t need a turkey to celebrate Thanksgiving at Mimi Cheng’s

At this point in my NYC dining experience I’ve pretty much succumbed all sorts of dumplings at any given moment in time (like, if I see the word dumpling, I’m probably walking inside the door). Broiled, pan-fried—dumplings are as delicious as they are affordable, and you would be surprised at how many of these hidden gems exist where you can actually get 10 dumplings for less than 7 dollars.

So, making my way to Mimi Cheng’s for the first time I was ready to order the typical pork or veggie dumpling, but then I read the words THANKSGIVING DUMPLING SPECIAL—making my heart melt and mouth water simultaneously.

And believe me when I say they are a beautifully crafted taste of turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes all in one combined with the cranberry sauce; you’ll forget all about grandma’s homemade recipe.


I also had the pork and veggie combo (you can split 3/3 in an order of 6).


Oh, and you MUST try the secret sauce. I repeat: you MUST try the secret sauce!

Mimi Cheng’s is located at 179 Second Avenue in the East Village (you can also order online).

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