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Why it might be necessary for you to watch Chris D’Elia’s hour long Comedy Central special

“It’s hard for me to write a joke where I don’t end up on the ground for some reason.” – Chris D’Elia

When it comes to stand-up everyone has their own personal style, but it is in the way Chris D’Elia really just steals all of our hearts that makes him one of the most lovable comics out there. Oh yeah, and he’s super f*cking funny!

I’ve been following D’Elia on the Twitter among the Vine and other stupid medias where I get my fulfillment daily, so it’s no lie that I’m really looking forward to seeing this guy who’s come a long way from his early days of performing stand-up for his fellow church mates and coffee shops in Hollywood to performing his best on the upcoming White Male. Black Comic. special.

1. He has his own show coming out on NBC called “Undateable”


(via NBC)

2. He wears really rad panther shirts

(via Pheed)

3. 100% of his Vines are the funniest thing you’ll ever see

(via Vine)

4. Even J. Biebz agrees he’s hilarious



(via Pheed)

5. He’s not afraid to be a total dick



(photo via Pheed)

6. He speaks the truth


(via Twitter)

7. He’s a regular performer at the Laugh Factory & the Comedy Store

8. He started the “S’Cute” revolution


(via The Chris D’Elia Store)

9. He loves his dogs


(via Webstagram)

10. He’s already “list” famous at BuzzFeed


(via BuzzFeed)

11. He guest starred on Boston Legal


(via Tumblr)

Watch this very funny one perform his hour-long special White Male. Black Comic. On Friday, December 6th at the strike of midnight on Comedy Central for some much predicted ROFLOLs.
















(main photos via Comedy Central & Facebook)

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