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Getting On 101: what we learned from the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit

After watching episode 1 “Born on the Fourth of July” it’s safe to say Getting On is my favorite new show. Besides the fact Dawn (Alex Borstein), Didi (Niecy Nash), and Dr. Jenna James (Laurie Metcalf) are my new favorite comedy trio, Getting On is HBO at its best: an honest, funny show with the perfect amount of dark that I think everyone can cling to.

Getting On 101:

1. Sometimes you just gotta play games on your phone while with a patient

2. It’s not a feces, it’s just feces.

3. BM = bowl movement

4. A Kleenex is NOT a sufficient poop cleaner

5. The BBECU needs more testosterone

6. It’s OK to sedate really annoying patients if they’re talking too much

7. The Cleveland conference is super important and fast approaching

8. Red bagging = cleaning up poop to identify infectious or hazardous waste

9. The incident reports need to be REALLY really specific

10. Shit statistics = super important business

11. If you work in healthcare you won’t get the Fourth of July off

12. In Southern California if it looks like a melanoma, it is a melanoma

13.  Finding lost old women wandering the shoulder of the 110 highway in a night gown is increasingly common

14. Chinese is not a language

15. No sharp objects in extended care

16. Worst case scenario: just call language line

17. Definitely fine to eat your dead sister’s birthday cake if it’s chocolate

18. The Jacksons had really good teeth

19. Tissue doners’ eyes must be moist at all times

20. Sex is a big “whoops kitty” in the workplace

21. First days on the job are never easy

22. There are such things as fecal studies

23. The Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit really needs a cordless phone

24. “Chom chim yankin” might mean something in Cambodian

25. Patients recover better in familiar surroundings

26. Making the beds are a #1 priority

27. Extended care is TOTALLY where the action is

28. Patients always try to eat beautiful flowers

29. Doctors can’t just walk in and do their drug studies whenever they want

30. Poop is an abundant lump of information

31. A bad joke at the end of a long shift is Gallow’s Humor

32. “Help me to help you” doesn’t always translate

33. You have to get ’em clean as a whistle before bed

34. Always have a funeral home in mind

35. Bonus points for diligence!

Watch episode 2 on Sunday, December 1st at 10PM on HBO.

(photo via The AV Club)

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