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Why Bella Baxter is the best female movie character of all time

If you saw Poor Things directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (based on the book published in 1992 written by Alasdair Gray), then you would have been so pleasantly surprised at just how fabulous and truly special it was in its entirety—from the black and white to color transition coordinating with “inside” to “outside”, to the the gorgeous costumery and set design that really made the film what it was (with of course Emma Stone portraying Bella Baxter doing what she does: being absolutely amazing).

I was fascinated by Poor Things, having been a big Frankenstein fan reading Mary Shelley’s novel; the themes in the book really resonated with me throughout my adult life, particularly humans being innately good people and how it is actually because of outside forces that humans eventually turn one evil.

Bella Baxter can be likened to Frankenstein’s monster with her unique made-up mind by who she refers to as “God” (a rather fun and oddball character played by Willem Dafoe), having to learn a whole new world and species, trying to just understand what all of this is—what love is—what a girl is supposed to do in this crazy world that is full of bad and good.

Her outfits:

Photo credit: Daily Mail

The way Bella Baxter dresses, ladies, take note: always elegant with the coolest accent of flare around the shoulders, expect to see a never disappointing series of outfits designed by Holly Weddington (that were actually on display back in December in LA and I only wished to have seen them in-person).

Her dancing:

Photo credit: Filthy Dreams

You cannot expect Bella to be anything but a hilariously good at, let’s just say, “interpretive” dancing (especially while drunk). So when she becomes the star of the night, don’t get too jealous you might throw a fit on the dance floor.

Her drunk adventures:

Photo credit: Conde Naste

Some of her favorite things to do while intoxicated: eating pastries, walking along the water, engaging with the locals, observing couples having fights, getting hella wasted and getting a new tattoo, or just simply enjoying life at home doing some furious jumping.

Her taste in men:

Photo credit: A Frame

It’s hard being a girl in the world. Who knows which man is going to break your heart? Bella knows that, and chooses to live her life accordingly. You really can have it all in her world, so while she gets to go exploring with her fling Duncan to Portugal (Mark Ruffalo), the love of her life and mentor Max (Ramy Youssef) is at home waiting for the day she decides to come home.

Her made-up words:

Photo credit: NPR

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with Bella Baxter’s mind because when she is trying to convey her innermost wants, needs, and desires; she sort of has no idea what she is saying, so she makes up funny phrases like “furious jumping”. Throughout the story you will be cracking up at how funny she is.

Her undying passion to learn new things:

Photo credit: Polygon

Once you realize you’ve been living in a cage and there’s so much out there to do and explore, it’s sort of hard not to want to go crazy and do it all with a bang (literally). Every day is a brand new adventure for Bella, and it’s all about what she’s feeling for that specific moment. As you can imagine her appetite for risk can have her facing certain consequences, so definitely be ready for some mischief.

Her love for sex:

Photo credit: Ego All Stars

Feminists believe women should be able to have sex with whomever they want, when they want. So believe me when I say that there is no rules when it comes to who Bella wants to sleep with. Her roster has an array of men that any woman can relate to, each relationship with its own problems. But for her it’s all about feeling good, and just enjoying.

Her innately good nature:

Photo credit: GQ

Deep down inside, Bella is good; she is not a “monster” by any means. She wants to love and get to know everyone and hear their story; she would never intentionally hurt you (unless you cross her, of course). She wants to help those in need, find true love, and travel the world.

Her not giving a f*ck what you think:

Photo credit: Reactor

If there’s anything to know about Bella it’s that she does NOT give a F what you or anyone thinks; she is doing HER, and if that’s a problem, then she is definitely going to tell it like it is without holding back (so please try not to be offended).

Her feministic attributes:

Photo credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Bella is all for women supporting one another and being equal to the man; she basically smashes the patriarchy daily by not putting up with very much BS and taking charge in the relationship. She even disobeys God aka her father figure when she goes to Lisbon for a life-altering vacation.

Her unique mind:

Photo credit: Matinee With Mark

It is not every day you encounter someone with two different brains put together by one of the most legendary teachers and doctors in Victorian London. So when you realize that Bella is actually a child stuck inside a beautiful woman’s body, things can get confusing for those getting to know her. But rest assured she is a quick learner, and you will hopefully fall in love with her journey.

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