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“Welcome to Daytrotter”: Way Yes’ one of a kind 5 song session

“Nothin’ seems to change when you’re with it everyday. Why can’t you stay the same, stay the same?”

We’ve had the pleasure of hearing Columbus-based group Way Yes for a few years now thanks to our good friends in the area, and are happy to see their music continuously spreading all over to people who will undoubtedly love their one of a kind sound (it’s hard not to) that ranges anywhere from slowed down bass beats and some even Ween-like vocals: “We both have/ the same spoon/ Indiana Jones/ plastic crystal skull spoons” (“Plastic Crystal Skull Spoons” off their Herringbone EP), to upbeat pop-like rhythms like “Ties” off Walkability: “it’s sorda disturbing/ thinking ’bout my death/ what’s gonna happen/ to the people that are left/ after they/ throw away my ties/ get rid of my belts?” Way Yes finds a way to turn some of the darker truths and fears of life that lie in their lyrics, and turns them into a feel good melody worth dancing to.

In their latest recording on Daytrotter, a website for Horseshack studio who’s always promoting bands from all over to come record exclusive sets (comparable to The Peel Sessions), Way Yes’ performance is nothing like we’ve heard from the guys before, and includes two newer tracks “Money Fields” and “Tia.” The group also recently released their first full-length album Walkability off of Lefse Records, with 5 original songs and 5 bonus remixes.

Way Yes be touring next month, ending at the Newport Music Hall opening for Best Coast on July 23. If you haven’t heard ’em yet, head on over to Daytrotter to get a taste of what you’ve been missing, and keep your eye out for these guys.

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