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We now have Leo DiCaprio as “The Wolf of Wall Street” to anticipate

Now that Martin Scorsese has successfully completed Hugo and Leo finally finished the The Great Gatsby, it’s about that time again when Leonardo DiCaprio and the director come together, now for the fifth time, to bring us another great movie. This year the two will be working on The Wolf of Wall Street, based on a memoir written by Jordan Belfort.

Belfort, who lived an alcohol and drug addicted life as a stockbroker in the 90s, made thousands of dollars every day in a matter of minutes, but his addictive habits and outlandish partying (he once ran up a $700,000 hotel tab) lead to his own darkness after selling a series of artificially inflated stocks.

USA Today published an excerpt from Belfort’s story that will give those who haven’t had a chance to read the book an idea of how Belfort’s life on the job operated on a day-by-day basis:

“Being a Master of the Universe; it seemed like a noble pursuit, and as I walked past the Masters, in my cheap blue suit and clodhopper shoes, I found myself wishing I were one of them. But my new boss was quick to remind me that I wasn’t. ‘Your job’ – he looked at the plastic nametag on my cheap blue lapel – ‘Jordan Belfort, is a connector, which means you’ll be dialing the phone five hundred times a day, trying to get past secretaries. You’re not trying to sell anything or recommend anything or create anything. You’re just trying to get business owners on the phone.’ He paused for a brief instant, then spewed out more venom. ‘And when you do get one on the phone, all you’ll say is: ‘Hello, Mr. So and So, I have Scott holding for you,’ and then you pass the phone to me and start dialing again. Think you can handle that, or is that too complicated for you?'”

The Wolf of Wall Street has been kept in mind for film adaptation since Scorsese purchased the book’s rights in 2007, and we look forward to Leo taking on Belfort’s role as a greedy, coke-head stockbroker. In fact, we can’t think of any other actor that would be more fitting. And for crying out loud, will the Academy just award him his overdue Oscar already?

(source: metro.co.uk; photo via ScreenRant)

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